MoLo Named Northeast Carrier of the Year by Niagara Bottling - MoLo

MoLo Named Northeast Carrier of the Year by Niagara Bottling

Even before taking on the Niagara account, the MoLo team understood there would be high expectations and high-volume shipments. So, needing some time to get their feet wet, pun intended, was to be expected during the first year. So the team focused on learning how to best communicate with their carrier base and ensure they knew how the Niagara business ran—which would be critical to future success. 

In January 2022, with a year under their belts, they knew they had what it takes to be one of Niagara’s top carriers. They kicked it into high gear by focusing hard on service; starting a weekly scorecard audit, working closely with Carrier Sales Director Nick Livas, and utilizing the Strategic Capacity team to ensure that their carriers serviced all loads up to their high levels of expectation. 

That dedication to being driven for better is precisely how they got to this moment: being named Niagara’s Northeast Carrier of the Year

The MoLo team consistently delivered the world-class service and reliability needed for us to provide our products across the country.” Said Niagara Carrier Relations Manager Paul B. “Their exemplary service, communication, and collaboration are why we are honored to name them our Northeast Carrier of the Year.

The decision at the beginning of this year to start biweekly meetings with the Niagara team, where they would check in on their scorecards, any callouts they had, or issues they came across, was the key to the massive progress made on the account. This proactive commitment to communication ultimately improved scores and helped the team develop deeper partnerships with the Niagara team.

A lot of the success had to do with our relationships; they spoke to that when they gave us the award.” Nicole Beer, Manager, Customer Operations, said. “They mentioned ‘the top-down knows the bottom-up.’ Everyone on both sides are consistently on the same page and being proactive to make sure all issues get resolved.” 

The team didn’t stop there, though. They went above and beyond through a policy of always responding to emails within 10 minutes, and by tailoring their communication style to the Niagara coordinators’ preferences so they could respond to any and all issues as quickly as possible. 

One of the team’s most significant changes from 2021 to 2022, and another critical part of their success, was utilizing the Strategic Capacity team and leaning on them as a resource, which was vital to best servicing Niagara’s high-volume lanes. 

We were working hand-in-hand with the StratCap team, really becoming one team for the customer.” Brendan Sullivan, Account Manager, said about the partnership. “To see the transition from our overall score in 2021 to being a top performing carrier, I think that’s a big testament to why we made that decision.” 

The MoLo team’s adaptability and agility in scaling up resources with a project’s needs allowed our team to stand out in Niagara’s network and become a key resource in critical times.

Winning something like Northeast Carrier of the Year clearly doesn’t come without an immense amount of teamwork, but the account’s manager, Nicole Beer, had one specific teammate she wanted to highlight: 

I would definitely like to shout out my Customer Operations Lead, Cailin Sheehan. She joined about two weeks after we onboarded Niagara in 2021.” Nicole said. “She has been my right hand, making sure that the service is there, building up our Operations team, and making sure they’re knowledgeable on the account and know how to handle certain issues. She is a huge part of the reason we got this award.” 

Moving forward, and with two years of experience and knowledge under their belt, the team has every intention to continue to build upon the incredible success of 2022 and deliver even greater growth in the coming year.

A huge congratulations to everyone on the Niagara team who clearly put in the work and deserves this incredible recognition! 

The award-winning team is comprised of Nicole Beer, Customer Operations Manager; Brendan Sullivan, Account Manager; Cailin Sheehan, Customer Operations Lead; Abbey Parsley, Customer Operations Specialist; Christine Athamanah, Customer Operations Specialist; Katie Dozois, Customer Operations Specialist; Maria Kay, Customer Operations Specialist; Trent Cairns, Customer Operations Specialist; Ellie Birgbauer, Customer Operations Specialist; Lexie Leander, Customer Operations Representative; Charles Bachmann, Customer Operations Representative; and Evan Price, Customer Operations Representative.