Meet MoLo: Riley Blackmore, Business Intelligence Manager - MoLo

Meet MoLo: Riley Blackmore, Business Intelligence Manager

Today, meet Riley Blackmore! Riley is MoLo’s Business Intelligence Manager. He has been with MoLo for three years and was part of our first intern class in 2019.

Check out our conversation with Riley below!


Riley, how would you describe what you do as a Business Intelligence Manager?

My day-to-day as a Business Intelligence Manager is working with different business units to give visibility to data and also provide insights based on the internal data we have. My team makes and refines reports that assist with decision-making and operational tasks across our different teams. Every day can be different, which is part of what I enjoy about the role.

What do you enjoy most about your role? How do you approach challenges in your role?

Like I mentioned, every day working in Business Intelligence can present a new set of problems to solve. Our team tackles them head-on and we pride ourselves on our ability to combine our skillsets with the knowledge of our people to find solutions. Working on different things keeps my day interesting, and I enjoy creating value for our people through this work.

What was your experience like when you started working at MoLo?

I’ve been at MoLo for three years now, I started as a Carrier Sales Intern in 2019. During that time, my interest was more of business analytics but at that time we didn’t have a department for that. When I returned as a full-time hire, I did a cross-training exercise where I started as a Carrier Sales Representative, then transitioned to a Customer Operations Representative, then shifted to Business Intelligence. When I joined MoLo, we were a much smaller company, so it’s been exciting to see our growth over the years.

How would you describe MoLo’s culture? How would you describe the culture of the Chicago office?

Two words I would use to describe the culture at MoLo are positive and infectious. In working with a lot of different teams, I get to see the enthusiasm our people have at all levels of our business when it comes to solving problems and creating solutions. I like coming in to the office and seeing the energy our teams bring every day.

What is your favorite “MoLo memory”?

My favorite recent memory at MoLo was participating in our MoLo Invitational golf event. It was a great chance to meet some of our customer contacts in person and spend a day together growing relationships and having some fun. I can’t wait until next year’s outing!

How do you collaborate with other teams in your role as a Business Intelligence Manager?

In addition to collaborating with and assisting our teams with reporting and data visibility in my day-to-day, my team has standing meetings with heads of departments across the company. These help us make sure their needs are being met and our bandwidth is aligned with departmental priorities. We collaborate with and support almost every department at MoLo.

Do you have any advice for people interested in working in Business Intelligence at MoLo?

On our team, we’re looking for a data storyteller who is both a self-starter and able to pivot quickly between different workflows. You don’t necessarily need experience in logistics or truckload – I didn’t have any before starting in this role. If this sounds like you, and you have a desire to get into the data and help us support the broader business, then my advice would be to apply for our Business Analyst position!

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