Meet MoLo: Scott Martin, Truckload Market Strategy Manager - MoLo

Meet MoLo: Scott Martin, Truckload Market Strategy Manager

Today, meet Scott Martin! Scott is MoLo’s Truckload Market Strategy Manager. He has been with MoLo for two years and is an important part of our Yield team.

Check out our conversation with Scott below!


Scott, how would you describe what you do as Truckload Market Strategy Manager?

In my role, I’m responsible for driving and managing our digital quoting strategy as well as increasing the freight knowledge of our employees by providing timely and actionable market and economic guidance.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I love digging into our internal and external data to identify performance trends and then collaborating with our stakeholders to implement actionable corrections.

What was your experience like when you started working at MoLo?

I joined MoLo after its acquisition by ArcBest where I worked as a Pricing Manager, and the transition was seamless and easy. Our values and drive aligned perfectly, and with quickly got down to the task of integrating our two organizations while driving growth through exemplary service.

How would you describe MoLo’s culture?

MoLo is a special place. We collaborate really well with each other, we display a high degree of personal and professional integrity and we’re all driven for excellence. Everybody I work with is invested in each other’s success.

What is your favorite “MoLo memory”?

My favorite recent memory would be our team’s first Yield Summit in Nashville. The Yield team lives and works all across the US, and that was my first opportunity to meet everybody in person after months of long hours, hard work and a lot of web calls as we worked through our integration with ArcBest. The opportunity to get together, plan for our future, and enjoy each other’s company in the same city was a great experience, and it is one I continue to look forward to each year.

How do you collaborate with other teams in your role as a Truckload Market Strategy Manager?

My team is here to support our internal and external customers, so collaboration is key in my role. We listen to our carriers, customers and teammates to provide meaningful and actionable data on our performance and the overall state of the market. Through collaboration, we also strive to build winning transportation strategies that benefit both MoLo and our shipper customers.

Do you have any advice for people interested in working at MoLo?

Be curious! Learn as much as you can, take the extra step to understand the “why”, collaborate with your peers and leaders to learn as much as you can about this dynamic industry.

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