Meet MoLo: Kevin Berardini, Truckload Strategy Senior Manager - MoLo

Meet MoLo: Kevin Berardini, Truckload Strategy Senior Manager

We know that the people are what makes MoLo, so in this series we’re introducing and highlighting members of the MoLo family across every department and across the country! We’re excited to spotlight the incredible, diverse people and the work that they do each day at MoLo Solutions.

Today, meet Kevin Berardini! He is a Senior Manager of Truckload Strategy at our Nashville office who is most proud of the fact that over the last six years of his time at MoLo, we’ve maintained our focus on experience and execution and doing the fundamentals every single day because that’s always going to be the biggest challenge.

Check out our conversation with Kevin below!


Kevin, what do you do as a Truckload Strategy Senior Manager? 

My group sits in a unique position where we interact with every department that touches truckload freight. From a high level, our job is to help onboard new customer partners,  expand our current customer relationships, and make sure that we’re always exceeding the expectations that our customer partners have set. This can include helping with prospecting and outreach, supporting execution on pricing, and then giving input on how we are executing operationally to drive further growth and success. I love what we get to do in Truckload Strategy because we get a unique perspective seeing the full customer life cycle and get to add value for our customers every step of the way. 

What was your experience at MoLo when you first started? 

When I got started in July 2017, there were only a handful of us, and I was working off of a broken folding table for my first two weeks. It was both the most exciting and terrifying thing that I’ve ever been a part of. I was completely consumed by this idea that I could be a part of building something that was bigger than myself and that we could create a place where people could build lives for themselves that they were excited about, proud of, and felt fulfilled by. I think that is what continues to make MoLo so special. This is a company full of inspired, driven individuals who truly want to make an impact. I’m most proud of the fact that over the last six years, we’ve maintained our focus on experience and execution and doing the fundamentals every single day because that’s always going to be the biggest challenge. 

Do you have any favorite moments from your time at MoLo?

I still remember some of our early customer visits, where we first found out that we would be partnering with large enterprise shippers and moving their freight.  Earning these awards showed that they trusted us as an organization and it was extremely validating to see that come through because it reflected the hard work that we’ve put into this since the beginning. This isn’t necessarily a specific memory, but something that I like to reflect on is the way that we’ve grown and matured as a company—how we’ve learned the importance of specialization and really placing our people in positions that not only allow MoLo to grow, but create opportunities for us to succeed. 

Can you talk about the culture of the Nashville office and what that expansion has been like? 

The past two and a half years have flown by, but the culture here reflects what we started with on day one. Our unofficial motto is “Offense City,” which reflects our mindset of always moving forward and pushing through whatever challenges that we face. We take the approach of trying to understand all perspectives and then face those challenges head-on and try not to skirt around them. We have an awesome group of people in Nashville that all took a chance to move down here together. It’s been amazing to see the growth of the people here and the drive to keep MoLo pressing forward.

What advice do you have for someone who is interested in working at MoLo? 

I’d say pursue it and go after it. That’s one of the most important things I’ve learned over my entire professional experience. There’s a few main characteristics that make our people successful. Initiative is the first one, because the folks who just have an innate ability to see something that should get done and jump on it, they set themselves apart here. That’s also what sets us apart from our competitors. The resilience of our people is another one. This industry is full of challenges to be solved, and the ability and drive to take these challenges on is important in any role. The last piece is thoughtful communication. Being able to recognize what’s going on in a situation, effectively collaborating with everyone involved, and then communicating in a way that will resonate with everybody is extremely important as well. I think regardless of what role you’re in, these skills and traits will benefit you and the company greatly. 

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